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Free Happy Birthday Greetings for Facebook

The best, cleanest and most powerful Birthday Calendar / Reminder / Countdown app on the App Store, NOW FREE!

Ever wish you had all birthdays in one place? Here's your chance. Birthday Sweet will help you track all those special days in your life.

With this app you’ll never forget any birthdays! It's FREE but beats most paid apps of the same kind because:
-You can import all your friends’ birthdays from Facebook and from iPhone contacts in seconds!
- Gracefully displays which friends' birthdays are coming up, how old they will be and the days remaining until birthdays (with age, photo and zodiac!)
- Configure alarms and the time when you will be alerted for the upcoming birthdays
- Easily message your friends and wish them "Happy Birthday" along with custom message with just one click!
- It's never been easier to send a happy birthday greeting card: you can personalize and send a beautiful retina-quality eCard in just two clicks!
- Post birthday greetings and the stylish birthday cards to your friend’s FB Wall!
- Support large data set: you can create and save as many events/days as possible! No performance loss!
- Support Chinese calendar (lunar calendar)

- Get reminders for friends’ Birthdays and family Birthdays and send them awesome eCards on Facebook
- Send a greeting/happy birthday card to your wife, children or best friends
- Impress your friends and family with beautiful birthday cards and greeting cards sent directly from your iPhone

WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY EVERYDAY:Cheap & Easy! - I honestly wouldn't change ONE thing~This free app is exactly what I was looking for~ so easy & convenient... Took only a few minutes to sync over 500 birthdays from Facebook... I am impressed with this awesome little app!

Great app - I love this app. I'm able to store all of the birthdays of the people i love in one place. Great app and good integration with fb too. But i hope they will give us notification without opening the app first so we wont totally forget it.Reminders, if anyone needs them its me! - I’m so forgetful and I struggle to stay organized and keep up with life; keep my agenda/calendar, list of to-do's up to date. Be present in life and for my obligations. This app helps to remind me to, slow down, remember and celebrate all the people I love in my life. I'm dealing with a horrible disease, life is so crazy and painful. Every chance I get to stop and remind those special people I don't get the opportunity to see that much anymore, just how much they mean to me. Also reminds me to count my blessings, be grateful. And just break to Pray. Thank You, I Love this App!

What's New in Version 3.0.1

iOS5 crash fixed

Better than alternatives, but still not great
by Lflaniga

This app does its job in terms of providing an easy way to manage reminders for birthdays, and I like the intuitive options for adding new birthdays manually or from contacts. However, it has a few design flaws. The main pain point I have is the menu to display the year of birth is too large for the screen, so the year is not visible for selection. I have to scroll and guess when I might have landed on the right year, then check the saved record to see how close I got. The app doesn't rotate with the device and font size can't be adjusted, so there's no apparent solution. I would be happy to share a photo with developers if useful. The ads are annoying; and I understand why they're necessary, but the speed and size of their pop up usually gets in the way of using the actual app.

Best by far
by Dupplicator666

This is my third attempt at a user friendly, no brainier reminder APPS. Simply sync with your social media accounts, add in your custom reminder and your all set. You set the alert notice and your done. Can use as a simple day reminder as well, instead of a birthday name just make the name Anniversary, Doctors appointment, staff meeting. May not be able to set exact times for these types but at least it can remind you the day of. Great APP... Consider upgrade to set exact time to notify and you have a superb Reminder APP. BTW for a tiny fee you can remove the ads, and it's worth it.

Great app if you can get through the ads
by Steichen Fam

I don't mind ads. I don't mind them one bit. Ads provide the revenue needed to make apps free. That said, the ads in this app are TERRIBLE! Over half have no way to close them or, ironically, follow the ad to the advertised product/service. They pop up, covering the birthdays, and won't go away. You have to completely close and reopen and either hope you get a different ad or try to catch a glimpse of the next birthday before the unclosable ad pops up. It makes an otherwise great app almost unusable. I hope this is something that gets fixed in a future version (and will happily upgrade the rating if they do!)

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