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Happy Birthday Dad Greetings

happy-birthday-dad-in-heaven06The pain of losing your father might be unbearable but this does not mean that you will no longer celebrate his special day.
He may not be with you to celebrate, but wishing him a happy birthday in heaven should be enough to commemorate this day.
If your late father is celebrating his birthday, here are some messages and wishes that you can send to him in heaven.

I am sending across my best birthday wishes to the best dad I know. He may not be here now, but he’s forever in my heart. Happy birthday in heaven dad!

Dad, since you were gone, I have kept thinking about you and it pains me a lot. I would be willing to give anything just to relive those beautiful memories. Happy birthday in heaven, I truly miss you.

I have never known that being fatherless will also make me feel worthless, powerless, aimless and helpless. Happy birthday in heaven, daddy. I truly miss you.

It hurts me to think that you are no longer with us, daddy. Although I cannot help but smile with tears on my eyes thinking of how we have cherished each and every moments of our lives together while you are still alive. I miss you dad, happy birthday in heaven.

Dear dad, I sealed my birthday wishes for you inside an envelope filled with love and respect so it reaches you in heaven and goes right through your heart. Happy birthday in heaven!

As I grow older, no matter whose love will give me happiness, I will always remain my daddy’s little girl. I miss you dad, happy birthday in heaven!

I have stopped staring at the sky at night because destiny has already taken away my brightest star, and it’s you my daddy. Happy birthday!

happy-birthday-dad-in-heaven05It is hard to greet you happy birthday on this special day of yours daddy. Wherever you are now, I just want to wish you a very happy birthday.

Dad, I may still be getting lots of hugs, but none of these hugs are as warm as yours. I miss you… have a happy birthday up there in heaven!

Happy birthday in heaven daddy! The angels should celebrate… it’s your birthday!

Dad, wherever you are now… I just want you to know that regardless of how much we have fought, argued and misunderstood each other, you still end up being right. That is what my heart always know… I miss you dad, happy birthday in heaven!

Right from the time you have held me in your arms, up until the day you have sent me off to school, I am holding today all the wonderful memories we shared that made me become the person I am today. Happy birthday in heaven, I miss you.

Each time I will offer flowers in your grave, I realize how aromatic you have made my life. I miss you daddy, happy birthday.

Just one more chance, I wish I could get a hug from you dad. And then I will be holding you tightly and won’t ever let you go again, happy birthday in heaven.

Happy birthday, dad. May this day bring countless happiness and bountiful joy while you celebrate your birthday up there in heaven.

Dad, thank you for teaching me how to be strong. But I am sorry for I let you down especially on the day when you said goodbye. Honestly, I can never be strong enough to acknowledge the fact that you are already gone. Happy birthday in heaven daddy!

happy-birthday-dad-in-heaven-01Death may have taken you from me. But it does not know that it has actually brought us closer to each other. Thanks for listening to me at night, daddy. Happy birthday in heaven!

Dad, how ironic it is that I have wasted all of these years not listening to your advises. But now that you are not here anymore, I am actually living the life exactly how you want me to be. Happy birthday in heaven, dad!

Every father’s day is also a painful reminder of your absence in my life, dad. I just wish I can still turn back the time and live out the memories of my childhood as if it is a grand celebration, I miss you dad. Happy birthday!

We may be far from each other now, but sometimes, I feel that you are here with me. It’s may be because ever since you hold on to my tiny fingers, you have showered me with nothing but only love and care. Happy birthday in heaven dad, I miss you.

Dear daddy, here we are, gathered in front of you to celebrate your special day. May the heavens rejoice and celebrate your birthday as well. We miss you dad, happy birthday in heaven!

Dad, your birthday is really special to me. Thank you for all the great memories, happy birthday in heaven.

I miss you daddy. Now there, would be no one that can help me when someone is fighting with me. I love you, happy birthday.

Your death will forever remain a blurry memory in me. However, your life will always be a vivid one, an epitome of greatness and sacrifice. I miss you dad, happy birthday in heaven.

Dad, on that day we lost you. I lost not only a father, but a friend and an idol that I looked up to. I miss you dad, happy birthday!

It did not matter whether we will meet often or not, what really matters is that your advice has helped me connect the dots in my life. It did not matter whether we spoke to each other each day or not, what matter is that you love me a lot dad, happy birthday in heaven!

Death might have taken you away from my life, but my life’s hero will forever be you, dad. Happy birthday in heaven.

Just like how I am the apple of your eye, you are the balm to my soul. Happy birthday in heaven. Miss you daddy.

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