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Happy Birthday greeting for Aunt

birthday-aunty-wishesIs your aunty’s birthday coming near? And you want to wish her with the best ever birthday wishes for Aunty? And you are confused about how to wish her and how to celebrate? Then let me tell you that you are exactly at the right place. Here are some loving and beautiful wishes for your aunty. Trust me you don’t have to spend a lot of money to wish your aunty as her love for you is unconditional. Aunties are one of the closest family members who love you as much as your mother loves you and she cares about you just like she cares about her own kids. Bound with aunty must be strong and must be full of love, care and trust for which small things like birthday wishes matters a lot. Here are 50 birthday wishes for aunty, so you should go through them and pick the best one for your aunty because your aunty is the best for you. Aunty loves you unconditionally and that’s why she deserves the best birthday present and the best birthday wishes from you. This birthday make your aunty feel special, loved and blessed to have you in her life by wishing her birthday in a different yet a beautiful way.

1 🙂 “Happy birthday to the aunt who spreads joy everywhere she goes and in the life of every person she knows”.

2 🙂 “With lots of love to my aunt I’m sending this special greeting to wish you a “Happy 50th Birthday and to tell you you’re very dear to me Hope Your Day is Filled with Fun and Happiness!”

birthday-wishes-aunty3 🙂 “May you have more happiness, than any words can tell, not only on your 50th birthday, but all year long, as well. Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Aunt”

4 🙂 “I feel so lucky to have a wonderful, caring aunt like you in my life I hope that all your birthday wishes come true Happy Birthday, aunt!”

5 🙂 “Aunts like you are worth their weight in gold. You’re a helper to all, no matter how young or old. You’re a great example of what a great aunt should be. I’m so happy that you are that great aunt to me!”

6 🙂 “Happy birthday dear auntie will always cherish the amazing moments that we have shared wishing you many joyous and fulfilling years”

7 🙂 “I have so many wonderful women in my life you are definitely one of them I appreciate to all that you do and love you dearly. Happy Birthday to you, Aunt”

8 🙂 “I hope that your life will be full of fragrance of roses. May the colors of the rainbow enrich your life and the crystal clear dew drops soften your ways Happy Birthday Auntie!”

9 🙂 “Auntie, I wish you everything sweet everything magnificent and everything beautiful because that’s what you deserve Have a Happy 50th Birthday and have an amazing year…”

10 🙂 “You are special to our family and always will be. I hope you have a grand birthday to my aunt!”

40+ Amazing Wishes on Birthday For Aunties.

11 🙂 “My aunt is an important pillar in my life’s structure – the only one who is rigid enough to bear a heavy burden yet flexible enough to allow me a lot of fun happy birthday.”

happy birthday anty12 🙂 “You are a magical woman with beautiful face and even more beautiful heart and soul. I love you for everything you have ever done for me Happy Birthday!”

13 🙂 “Today is a very special day for you and for all of us because we are very happy to celebrate your birthday with you. God bless you always.”

14 🙂 “This birthday card is for praying to the almighty for giving you happiness and peace of mind happy birthday Aunt!

15 🙂 “Beautiful auntie of my heart, today for being such a special day, I come to give you this morning greeting which I hope will be recorded in your memory: happy birthday, dear aunt. You deserve the best in your day!”

16 🙂 “Dear aunt… the best part is that our relationship doesn’t depend on the grades I get because you love me regardless happy birthday”.

17 🙂 “May your birthday be beautiful and special just like you happy birthday auntie”

18 🙂 “Aunt of my soul, on this special day, I just want to tell you how much I love you, since you have always helped me to be a better person with your good advices. For this and for everything we’ve been through, I want to say thank you, and wish you to have a very happy birthday”

19 🙂 “You are special and I hope that you float through the day with a big smile on your face Happy Birthday!”

20 🙂 “This special day is notable to me because my aunt came to the world on this day. I love you aunt.”

21 🙂 “Feel proud to be who you are, because you’re the best of all I love you, beautiful aunt have a happy birthday!”

22 🙂 “To my dear Aunt, on this special date that is your birthday. This is only one of the many years…”

23 🙂 “Happy Birthday to my beautiful aunt, because you’re a great friend who will always be with me through everything. I…”

24 🙂 “Today we are going to celebrate the birthday of a person who is absolutely wonderful. Enjoy the day and give us your love, dear Aunt!”

25 🙂 “It didn’t take you doing a lot for me to realize how special you are. From your smile to the way that your eyes light up, you are simply an amazing woman. I love you much! Happy Birthday Aunt!

26 🙂 “On your birthday, I wish you abundant happiness and love. May all your dreams become a reality but even more than that, may it bring you loads of true love and friendship. Have an amazing birthday!”

27 🙂 “You’re a very dear aunt who can brighten any day by bringing joy and sunshine in your own special way so these wishes come to you for love and happiness not only for today, but for many, many years to come. Happy 50th Birthday, Auntie!”

28 🙂 “God blesses us all with your presence and on this day in which you celebrate another year of life we are very lucky to have you with us. We hope you have a nice birthday.”

29 🙂 “I hope you can have a very special day along with all your loved ones. I ask God to bless you with good health and life to join us for much longer Congratulations on your birthday to my aunt.”

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