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Happy Birthday Greetings to Boyfriend

Romantic birthday greeting card message for boyfriendBelated Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend: Did you forget your boyfriend’s birthday? You must make it up by doing a lot more than writing a funny greeting for him. A sweet message or a romantic quote on a birthday card is definitely the right way to start your apology. Ask for forgiveness by showing how sad and remorseful you are for your innocent mistake. Tell him how your love for him is way more profound than remembering dates, whether it is his birthday or yours. Shower him with compliments and pamper him with cute hugs and kisses until he finally breaks into a smile to accept your late wishes.

16) Kisses, by the ton. Dates that are a lot of fun. Cute whispers, soft and mystic. Cuddles, oh so romantic. All this, you are going to get – until you forgive and forget. Happy belated birthday.

17) You must tell me how bad you felt when I missed your birthday because I am going to give you that many number of kisses right now. Belated happy birthday.

18) I forgot my boyfriend’s birthday – a day which is more special to me than my own birthday. Such is the irony of my life. Happy belated birthday.

19) The most important day of the year is neither your birthday nor mine. The most important day of the year is the day we met, without which we wouldn’t be celebrating each other’s birthdays. Sorry and belated happy birthday.

20) Since I forgot your birthday, this card entitles you to hassle free forgiveness when you forget mine. I hope we are even. Happy birthday handsome.

21) You could have been angry at me, but you weren’t. You could have shouted at me, but you didn’t. You could have been bitter with me, but you weren’t. You could have ignored my phone calls, but you didn’t. Thanks for being so forgiving – you are the best boyfriend ever.

22) I did forget your birthday but I have never forgotten to say I love you. Now you tell me, which matters more? Happy belated birthday to my boyfriend.

23) Forgiveness is the most attractive facet of your personality. That’s why I fell in love with you in the first place. Prove my heart right and forgive me, please? Happy belated birthday.

Cute way to say sorry for forgetting boyfriend's birthday24) You look hot when you are happy, hotter when you are angry and hottest when you are in a forgiving mood. I have made you angry but I want you to forgive me so you can be your hottest self. Belated happy birthday.

25) You must be secretly happy that I forgot your birthday. Because you know that I will go to any lengths to pamper you and make it up to you at any cost. Happy belated birthday.

26) By not getting angry at me for forgetting your birthday, you are giving me one more reason to love you. You don’t miss a chance to earn your brownie points, do you? Belated happy birthday, you sneakily handsome guy.

27) Others must have given you birthday wishes for one day. But I am going to treat you like a birthday boy every single day of this month. Happy belated birthday handsome.

28) I am feeling so sad about missing your birthday that I have been crying since last night. There is only one thing that can make me stop crying – a kiss from you. Come here and kiss my sadness away. Belated happy birthday.

29) I forgot your birthday because you didn’t send me your wish list. Please forgive me and send me a list of all your wishes so I can make them come true one by one. Happy belated birthday.

30) I may have been weak in remembering your birthday but my feelings for you will always be the strongest. Belated happy birthday darling.

31) I forgot my boyfriend’s birthday for which I am dying from inside, I will keep weeping until all my tears have dried. My only redemption is his unconditional forgiveness, because nothing matters to me more than his happiness. Happy belated birthday.

32) For the next two months we are only going to watch the movies that you like, eat at the restaurants you like and hang out at the places you like. Let’s just say that you are going to be pampered silly until you finally forgive me for forgetting your birthday.

33) I deliberately forgot your birthday so that I could pamper you like a birthday boy for one more day. Happy belated birthday sweetheart.

34) I forgot your birthday but that doesn’t make you any less of a hot boyfriend. Sorry sweetheart. Happy belated birthday to the hottest guy alive.

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