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Merry Christmas Video Greetings

********* MUST-Have App for This Christmas **********

It's Christmas season again! Time to send your greetings to your loved ones! With this app, you can send your greeting cards with personal video embedded! Pick up your iPhone/iPad now and start sending your special Christmas cards.

How To Use:
1. Select a card template.
2. Record your video message.
3. Send it via email, Youtube or Facebook!
4. Done! It's that Easy!
Your friends and family will be surprised when the Christmas card flips open!!

1. Pick card from our beautiful templates.
2. Record video using front/rear camera.
3. Pick a recorded video from your phone camera roll.
4. Change video title.
5. Change background music.
6. Export video to camera roll.
7. Send video through email.
9. Upload video to Facebook and share with friends.

Christmas Cards introduced a new way to send your seasonal messages to others. You and your friends/family will have tons of fun with the video you made. Try it now - it's FREE!

The default free version app comes with 15 seconds of recording time. If you like this app, you can use In-App Purchase to buy longer recording time which is up to 1 minute. And it's ONLY $1.99. How much you paid for the PAPER greeting card last time? After this purchase, you can have as many videos as you want!

Any problem using this app? Please contact

What's New in Version 2.0.1

Added iOS 7 Support
Added 64bit CPU Support. Much faster on iPhone 5s and new iPads.

Doesn't Work
by JohnnieJim

I like the selection of cards, but the app doesn't work with prerecorded videos.


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