Merry Christmas Greeting Cards

Christmas greeting Cards, Wishes

Christmas Greeting Cards Maker has over 50 card templates, 80 stickers and 30 quotes for every occasion which can be used to send love and cheer this festive season. What makes it different is that you can upload your photo to form a stamp in the card, makes it unique and outstanding.

======= Features:
• Load or take a photo to form a stamp.
• 50+ card tamplates.
• 80+ photo stickers.
• 30+ quotes.
• Share directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or send as a text message!

Easy & Pretty e-cards
by quad18

This App makes a very pretty Christmas E-card! There's different ones to pick from. It's easy once you get the hang of it. I tried to use other card Apps and they weren't as nice. This App is just what I was looking for!

Christmas Greeting Card Maker
by LEP59

Nice app, easy to use- would like to see the feature of being able to add a photo from your library.

Christmas card
by Liddie113
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