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How To Build A Bathroom Vanity Yourself

how to build a bathroom vanity yourself

The existence of the vanity in the bathroom, of course, can make a bathroom activity practical at the same time functional. And other functions, as an extra storage space.

To note, use appropriate size dressing table with spacious bathroom so as not to interfere with Your space in the bathroom. And as a reference, check out the following about a wide variety of types of vanity in the bathroom.

1. European Style Vanities

Inspired by European design, European style dressing table is made of wood so that it displays the impression of simple and classic. A mirror can also be hung separately to strengthen the idea of his classic.

2. Feminine Style Vanities

Dressing table with feminine style can create by using a light and soft colors. Give the impression of glamour with the use of marble in the upper part of the table. Because of the quartz is quite massive, so this table should supplement with two pillars made of stainless steel so strong.

3. Eclectic Style Vanities

Display with a combination of old-style and new-style vanity will create eclectic. You can recycle old table made of wood is Brown, then tuned in to the sink with such materials.

4. Glamour Style Vanities

How to design a dressing table with a glamorous style is quite simple, just select the left vanity with glass to make it look shiny. And that contrast, use table sink is black at the top. Provide a mirror with a dramatic design that also sparkles so her vanity table with matching.

5. Industrial Style Vanities

Industrial style displays not that will make the bathroom look a mess. Despite the minimal decoration but the industrial display suitable for you who want to show a minimalist bathroom style.

6. A minimalist Style Vanities

Although your bathroom is not too extensive, you can still enter a dressing table with a size small in the corner of the shower. If there is, you can take advantage of your wood table at home. Paint with white and combine it with a sink made of glass. Give a similar mirror with a tub.


How To Build A Bathroom Vanity

how to build a bathroom vanity

Vanity is one of the essential pieces of furniture in the bathroom. You can use it to wash your hands, wash your face, cosmetic, and others. For that, we recommend that you place the vanity in your bathroom. Here’s how to make a vanity that you can do yourself at home.

Materials and tools:

3/4 “Walnut plywood

3/4 “maple plywood

1/4 “maple

Vanity hardware

door hinges

pieces of plywood

1-3/4 “screws

slides and slide drawer

Pocket screws

slide the drawer which is already so

acrylic finish

table saws


Pocket Hole Jig

Paint Roller router



The steps:

  1. Cut the 3/4 “maple plywood for framing. We use the size of the 80-9/16 “x 21 1/8 “, but its size will vary depending on the dimensions of your bathroom.
  2. Drill a hole about seven in four columns along the shorter, from 3 feet, 8 inches from the edge. Two columns toward the center hole should be 32 inches from each side.
  3. Secure a piece of maple plywood between the middle two columns to provide extra depth where the drawer will be.
  4. Both sides of the vanity made with plywood ” 3/4 walnuts. Our floors are 20-7 ‘8 “tall with a width of 21-1/8 ” Stick to the outside edge.
  5. The Center upright we will be the same dimensions, but the two sides will create from the 3/4 “walnut and two will be made from the 1/4 ” maple.
  6. Make the notches in the center divider with a router so that they will be safely mounted on top of a great book that will be installed. The notch should be 4 inches high with 3/4 “wide and will be facing the wall when installed.
  7. Plug the larger Walnut divider in the middle with the notches facing towards the rear. Nail Polish thinner maple divider to the exterior of the dividers to provide more depth and to accommodate the size of the drawer.
  8. Create pocket holes along the banks of the four strips of walnut 3/4 “so. It would be the trim on the front which hides a grain of the plywood. We measure 80-1/2 x 3-1/8 ” ” to top of 80-1/2 and 1-1/2 x ” ” to the bottom. Two vertical trim pieces measured 17 “x 1 “.
  9. Collect pieces of walnuts along with Pocket screws. Slide the fade into the front of the Cabinet and fasten with nails.
  10. Now it’s time to assemble the drawer. We use the sides of the drawer finished with the dado cut earlier. Cut the stick right down to the appropriate size to fit inside the closet. For the bottom, cut 1/4 “maple and slide through pieces of the dado. Attach the front section to complete the drawer.
  11. Attach a strip of plywood 4 “x80-1/2 ” to the walls of your bathroom to be a great book. It should round on one side. Make sure the wide strip is lined up with the notch in the center of the border.
  12. Set the cabinets in your bathroom and fasten with the screw. Center divider will stick to the big book in the notch.
  13. Now slash 3/4 “walnut plywood for the drawer and facing the door. Our door sized ” 16-3/4 x 15-3/8 ” and the front of our 5-7/16 sized drawer “x 15-3/8 “.
  14. Cover walnuts with acrylic coating for better display and protect from moisture in the bathroom.
  15. Install slides and glides on drawers and in the Cabinet. Attach the hinge to the door.
  16. Install the door with hooks and drawer face will be secured from the inside of the drawers with screws. Make sure there is a grain that is continuously in front of futility since all cut from the same piece of wood. It will give a good look and flow.
  17. Install the hardware on the doors and drawers.

How To Build A Bathroom Vanity From Scratch

how to build a bathroom vanity from scratch

Do you want to make your bathroom vanity? Here are the steps:

Collect Tools & Materials

Tools required to build this from the wood from your local home center is truly fundamental. Some types of saws, preferably a chainsaw saw drill, sander and will make you see something very similar.

Break Down Parts

There are many parts to this build and have some saw with a block stops will be helpful in accelerating the work. See the image list of the pieces for a list of all the parts.

Assemble the Feet

Walk on vanity is pretty simple, just two 1×3 connected at 90 degrees. It gives the illusion of big fat feet. I put together my leg pocket with screws and glue.

Assemble the Cover the Cover

After the foot dry, I cut the connection to the foot.

Assemble the Frame of The Face

Face frame on one vanity has a vertical rail. You can attach this with Pocket screws, Domino, or pen.

Assemble the Vanity Carcass

Attach the frame to the face of one of the side assemblies from the previous step. Also, install the rear rails at this point.

Sets Door Frames

The doors consist of two vertical stiles and horizontal rails of two. Once again, I am using Dominos here, but the nail or screw pockets will work fine.

Assemble door panels and Attach to the door frames

Door panels are the adhesive of the four parts of the 1×3. Tape the pieces into the panel, make sure to keep it together as possible.

Install the Door Hardware

We recommend that you install the hardware before it is complete. That way, if you make a mistake, you can easily fix it without having to patch up the finish.

Glue Up the Side Panel and Attach to the Carcass

Side panels consist of 4 parts 1×4. Tape them to the panel, just like the door panels, keep them as flat as possible. After the glue dries, sand them into flat.

Cut and attach the Plywood Bottom

The bottom made of ¾ plywood “. I cut plywood to size using the saw table and the saw, but you can have Your local home Center cut the pieces for You if you don’t have the tools to cut the plywood.

Cut Back Panels and Attach to Vanity

I make my rear panel is relatively small, leaving plenty of room for the pipe runs through the back of the vanity.

Apply Finishes

I squirt some coat of water-based polyurethane, but you could certainly be brushing the end if you don’t have access to the system of spray.

Enjoy Your Vanity

It is a relatively simple process, usually just attach the vanity to the wall and then adding a table. Once completed, the pride finished!


How To Build Bathroom Vanity

how to build bathroom vanity

What is a bathroom vanity?

Vanity bathroom serves the different functions of the vanity bedroom. While vanity bedroom usually has only one drawer and seat himself, vanity bathroom performs functions similar to the kitchen cabinet: they add storage space to your bathroom. They allow you to store items that you need to get ready for the day-brush, hair dryer, perfume and cologne, toothbrushes, makeup and more-nearby. A table and sink are usually exceeding vanity bathroom.

The finishing for bathroom cabinets

You can usually finish bathroom vanity using one of two techniques: Staining or painting.

Staining adds color that is rich in natural wood, removing the grain in the wood. And painting, on the other hand, gives you more choices of colors.

Materials used for bathroom vanity

Bathroom Cabinets and vanities usually make of one of three elements: plywood, medium density fiber Board (MDF) or particle board.

Please read this article if you are interesting on how to build a bathroom in the basement.

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