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How To Refinish Bathroom Vanity

how to refinish bathroom vanity

The first thing you need to do is ensure the vanity you have wooden closet doors, the front of the drawer, and that stiles. Rails of the cabinet (part of the carcass of a cabinet that looks around the doors and drawers and each side) as well as wood veneer and not in over particle board. You can’t refinish veneered cabinet. Most vanity is wood but some do not.

Update your bathroom vanity is an easy way to breathe new life into your bathroom and increase the value of your home. If you are thinking to improve your bathroom vanity, appropriate finishing techniques and attention to detail will significantly improve the results. Here are some tips to get your bathroom vanity where you imagine it.

Properly Sanding Vanity

This step is huge. Do not complete this step correctly can turn off all over your vanity. Beware of the type of sander do you use-using the wrong one can leave divots and Knicks in the wood that will see later. Consider using sand, random orbital sanding.

Random orbit swivel movement and provide orbital that works quickly and efficiently removes edges, protrusions, and imperfections. Make sure to get into the cracks and crannies vanity to smooth surface. After sanding completed, make sure you have cleaned the surface to remove dust. The smoother surface, the better the paint job.

Get The Paint Just Right

Add some color to your paint to your primary. It will prevent you from having an extra coat of paint. At least the amount of paint that you use in your closet as a whole, the more they will smooth out.

Attach Hinge properly

Hinges tend to wear on your vanity in a certain way. Do not put them back in the same place can create a pride that is different and sometimes does not shut down correctly. We recommend that you place them back in their original position is set to prevent any problems.

Place the Vanity Back in the right place

It also occurs more often than not. Label closet where you individually can also save a lot of time. Vanity may look the same all but sometimes can get off and do not close properly, causing you to have to take off the pride and figure out where each has. It can be very inconvenient!


How To Refinish A Bathroom Vanity

how to refinish a bathroom vanityIn fact, we’ve not painted vanity, to begin. As allowed by a builder many years ago with stain oak honey and clear lacquer to protect it. It looks archaic-we decides that repaint the bathroom vanity will put us one step closer to achieving our goal to renovate the second bathroom. How to refinish your bathroom vanity? Here is an easy way to refinish your vanity:

Apply the First Layer of Paint

We start by getting rid of all the door and sanding to remove all the glitter. The paint should be attached to the wood, so sanding Vermis is a good start.

We use a sponge sanding block with two different grit on each side-medium and smooth. We used the medium sand first, then fine gravel to flatten it. After the lacquer removed to our satisfaction and the wood surface is relatively soft to the touch, we began applying the first coat of paint. We in no way support it.

We are painting the inside and the outside of the cabinet, as well as the outside of the door. We support the closet doors above the pedestal-to let it dry out enough to allow us to return it to the cabinets and paint the Interior.

Apply A Second Layer of Paint

In the morning, our sanding all surfaces to remove any rough spots with the same beautiful sand side of block sanding sponge. (The block sanding work well, and the paint looks very smooth.)

We then put the second layer of latex paint gloss Black Raisin on all sides, including the inside of the cabinet. At this point, we decided that the old hardware had to go. We jumped in the car and took the handle draw what you see in the photo above.

Install New Cabinet Hardware

New grip requires two holes for installing it. Our old pull attached through a single hole. It means that I have to precisely measure and additional drill holes because they will position vertically.


How To Refinish Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

how to refinish bathroom vanity cabinetsTo refinish your vanity cabinets are reset, you must remove the old hard disk in advance. It means moving all grip and the pull of vanity, as well as a hinge. The logic behind this is that you will have an easier time to paint the cabinet doors and after removed.

Next, wash the cabinet with a good household cleaner to remove any remaining surface and dirt. For vanity that has painted before, I suggest sanding the paint before applying a new layer. For cabinets that are already stained, on the other hand, I recommend using a Deglosser before applying primer.

Once you have Your vanity or drop sanding, apply primer, and wait the recommended time to dry it. Then use your paint. Read the instructions on the color can for best results. Typically, you would apply at least two coats of paint. Then ask new hardware, and you’re ready!

If you are new to paint a closet, has a lot of closets to washed, or want to have everything you need in one kit, you may want to see a cabinet painting system transformation of Rust-Oleum. This friendly on DIY comes in various colors and help simplify the process.

I admit it would be a bit wasteful if you only work on one tiny little closet because starting at around $75 per device. But for a beginner and larger projects, I think it is worth the extra money. One quick note, not all vanity bathroom is created equal. For example, a secure wooden cabinet will be more accessible to refinish particle board anniversary one.

Not to mention, that when life happens in your bathroom, new paint on particle board will be scratched and cracked a lot easier than a piece of solid wood that painted. For vanity cabinets made of particle board or laminate veneer, I highly suggest to change the route of a replacement.

Refinishing Pros: cheap, easy to do, and versatile – you can make any color cabinet you choose!

Refinishing Cons: Doesn’t work properly on particle board or veneer laminated, will not fix the problem, or improve the functional storage space.

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