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How To Remodel A Bathroom

how to remodel a bathroom

Do you want to remodel your bathroom? Have you had an imagination about what will overhaul and how the design of the bathrooms? Are you confused as to determine the choice of model to remodel your bathroom? Calm down; I have some tips and also design to renovate your bathroom be more beautiful and comfortable.

The bathroom is one room that can affect the mood of the owner. If you have a bathroom that is pretty, neat and clean, you will also feel more comfortable when using it.

Most people, the bathroom was also made one of my favorite places to refresh the tired mind after a long day of activities. Therefore, you must change your bath by your comfort.

However, before you remodel your bathroom, there are a few things you need to consider are:

1. Estimation of costs

The cost is one of the primary support for the success of your renovation process. Then, you must specify the budget funds which you will spend to renovate the bathroom.

The budget will provide a large number of little influence on the type of material and service worker you will use. For example, the selection of bathroom furniture, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and others. To streamline the process of renovation, you also need to create a priority scale that matters to repaired first.

You should also determine the materials to renovate your bathroom. If necessary, you should survey to find out how much of these materials, so you can allocate your funds estimated with precision.

Or if you want to find it easier to make budget funds, you can also calculate the entire cost of renovating your bathroom.

2. Determine Theme

To create a bathroom that suits your dreams, you need to specify a theme or concept you want to use in your bathroom. Do you want to use your old bathroom concept, or you want to create a new idea that is now becoming a trend, like a minimalist concept, luxury, retro, or classic?

You can also use the concept of “go green” in your bathroom. With this concept, you don’t need to use a lot of gear; you simply add the small plants in pots inside your bathroom. However, you need to use eco-friendly materials to create a bathroom that is artistic and energy efficient.

3. Layout

The layout of the components of the bathroom is also one of the most critical parts of renovating your bathroom. You must be good at putting all such bathroom furniture, toilet, sink, shower, and a rack to make it look neat and attractive.

To create a comfortable atmosphere, you can put the closet in the corner that is not visible from the outside if you cross in front of your bathroom. You can put a towel near the sink. This shelf also allows you to set your change clothes while showering.

4. Replace Ceramic Floor and Walls

If the tile you’re crusty and changes color, then you need to replace it with a new one. By replacing the new ceramic tile, you’ll get a comfortable atmosphere and will also change the theme of your bathroom. Should you choose the ceramic motifs because the ceramic motifs selection will affect the concept that you apply.

In the installation of ceramic tile on your walls, there are advantages and disadvantages. Benefits if you install ceramic tile on your partition is the wall you will be easy to clean and also not be moldy. Use a ceramic wall will produce a design that looks luxurious. But there are also drawbacks, i.e., If you feel bored with your ceramic wall color, you won’t be able to repaint so you should replace them as a whole. To overcome this problem, we recommend that you only install ceramic floor tile in one section only.

There is an error in selecting the tiles for the bathroom floor that often makes the story became slippery. It is very dangerous for children and the elderly. Therefore, you should pay attention to the type of ceramic is used that you would like to renovate your bathroom. You must select a not glazed ceramic, or ceramic can choose porcelain or rock.

5. Ventilation

You must install the ventilation in your bathroom so that air circulation to be smooth and stay fresh. Use air vents can reduce fungal grows in humid places. Ventilation also used so that the air in your bathroom clean.

6. Lighting

Determination of illumination that pas can create illusions in your bathroom. Your small bathroom will look wider by having enough light. You will have a room look more spacious by blending colors of paint on your wall.

You can use acrylic glass tile in the bathroom to still get enough light. However, we recommend you use only enough for one or two because the use of excessive glass will make your bathroom feel hot.

So are some aspects you need to consider before you renovate your bathroom. You don’t need to worry to use designs that you like. If necessary, you can request assistance services architects or interior designers to help you renovate the bathroom.


How To Remodel Bathroom Shower

how to remodel bathroom shower

Whether you prefer to use the shower to shower? Perhaps you’ve felt the difficulties if had to climb a tub when you take a bath, especially if you have a family member who is old. Or maybe your bathtub looks ancient already?

Do you want to replace your bathtub with a shower? Will Even you add both to make it look more modern? Whatever the reason for returning a tub with a shower, it will create comfort and also a delicacy for its users. In addition to ease of use, the rain can also save expenses of water you use.

If you want to replace your bathtub with a shower, a walk-in shower, and a shower with no bath into a Prima Donna.  According to the survey, 65 percent of the people liked the bathroom with tub. Walk-in shower with large areas and do not use the door is also a favorite moment.

With the remodel your bathtub using a shower, you can increase the value of the property in your home if you want to sell it. But you also need to consider this, because it means you will have a bathroom without a tub at all. The solution is you need to replace some and leaving at least one bathroom using the container. We suggest that you also need to consider your comfort of use and when you use your bathroom before replacing your bathtub with shower.

What are the things you should do before you renovate?

The first thing you should consider is about space for the bathroom you want. The bathroom has an average size 60 inches, so you have to make sure whether or not you enough room to do the renovation. Another thing that has to ascertained is its depth. Make sure that your space is thick enough to install pipes for your bathroom.

Make sure that your washroom enough if used for installing a shower. Usually, shower mounted beside the tub/shower. Do not let you expand the space for washing and make your bathroom feel more crowded when used. If possible, you can move the closet, but it can increase the complexity of the project.

You also need to consider the materials you will use. Looking for references in the store can give you a lot of different ideas. However, if you use the services of a contractor, he usually provides the book’s sample for materials to use. You should be able to consider carefully about the materials you will use.

What are the difficulties while you do remodeling?

Although there are many examples photographs of a beautiful bathroom with a spacious room and large, the reality most of us have a small bathroom. The best way for the more modest bathroom is to replace your bathtub with shower.

Sometimes you also want a more substantial room so that you want to do a renovation, but it requires the relocation of pipes in your bathroom. It means you need the extra energy even costs extra to overhaul everything. Here are some of the problems you might face at a time when installing a shower in your bathroom:

  • The location of the toilet. If there were a bathroom located on the top floor, you would find it more difficult to move the pipes of your bathroom.
  • Type of Foundation. What kind of Foundation do you use? If you use this type of Foundation slab, you have to cut concrete to change the position of the pipe. It requires unique skills and also uses specialized equipment.
  • The location of the tube down. Pipe down serves to channel the water down the drain, and to prevent the blockage of the connection should be tilted. You may also need to remove a portion of the wall to provide easy access.
  • Position of toilet. If you want to change the position of the bathroom, you’ll need a rework the connection into the vent and sewer pipes.

If your space allows it to install in the shower on the footprint of the bathtub, you can probably save a lot of costs and also energy.

What is the best type of shower to your bathroom?

After you determine the design you are going to apply to the process of remodeling your bathroom, then you should consider the type of shower is right to install in your bathroom. The following are examples of the kinds of the shower that you can use as references:

Shower stalls

You can use the showers stalls which you can add to your bath space. There are several options with ledges and shelves; there is also an area for seating. By installing a shower stall, you can also install the door on the edge of your bathroom or even just use curtains.

Tiled shower curbs Tiled shower curbs usually requires the banks which will withstand water flow from the shower head. You should create a rim to hold the higher humidity and to ease you out and get into the shower area. Preferably you should also polish the edge to avoid injury while you bathe.

Curb less showers

A curb less shower will provide convenience to you to use the shower, Troutman for the elderly or the disabled. This type of rain will also give the appearance of an open that looks interesting and modern. Curb less style can also save space in small-sized bathrooms.

As for the problems in using a curb less shower, that contain lots of water. You can solve it by using the shower frame made from glass; you can direct the rain away from the sides of the bath.

The use of shower water saving than when using the bathtub. Average water issued a shower is not reaching one-third of the water that you usually use when soaking in the bath or shower when you use a Dipper.

Before you decide to replace your bathtub with shower, there are some tips you need to consider the following:

Do not use a wall shower

By utilizing the shower wall, you will issue a lot of water. Maybe your expectations are you want to have your bathroom like at the hotel so that you are using a vast shower that placed on the wall.

It will indeed make the shower out bigger and feels very refreshing, but the use of this type of shower is more wasteful when compared to the usual shower.

Use the hand shower

By using this type of shower, you can adjust the volume of the water. Also, you can also navigate to particular parts of the body so that it can save water.

A shower is also suitable to use by children because it has handles that are flexible, and you can also adjust the height of the shower. In addition to saving water, a shower is also very suitable mounted in a bathroom with a small size.

Use delimiters for the bath area

Add a delimiter between bath area with a toilet or sink is the best move. IT is intended to avoid splashes water into all the corners of the bathroom when you use it.

Indeed, the walls and the bathroom floor will dry by itself, but the water splashes containing SOAP will make the walls of the bathroom and toilet dull and dirty fast. You can use such a bulkhead partition, glass, or curtains to limit the area to rinse.

Check the drains

The flow of water when the shower tends to be faster, so it requires no water channels blocked so that water not pooled under Your shower.

Before installing the shower water channels, pay attention to your bathroom, make sure there are no blockages and always clean water after the bath funnel cover so that no hair that stuck up that will cause the channel decoder.

Note the direction of the water spray

You should also pay attention to the course of the spray water on your shower. To that end, we recommend that you should choose the type of shower water sprays that can arrange. It can be beneficial if used by children and also adults.


Bathroom Shower Remodeling

bathroom shower remodeling

Both small and large bathroom can make it possible to accommodate a walk-in at the shower. You can get a beautiful bathroom if you plan your design with mature. The first thing that you should consider when renovating a bathroom is to determine the size and concept that allows for your bathroom.

You can consult with a plumber or contractor about measurement to avoid error process is running. They can also advise you about the renovations you need to do before installation begins. You can request a small note to your contractor to establish guidelines on when you need a reference. Here are the things you need to consider when renovating your bathroom: shower

Check Selection

When you have determined the walk-in shower you will buy, you apparently also doubtful and want to see more designs of rain again. To resolve this issue, you can see either observation around the House to determine the look and feel of the plan that you will use. If you want a vintage model, you can use the old appearance with antic furnishings. However, you also need to customize the design with the era now that many liked by everyone.

Don’t be attracted by Fads

If you are interested in red or a red wall tile, should you need to consider whether it fits in with your furniture or not? You also need to find whether it can survive for an extended period or not. Even though you like the flashy colors, you should be able to decide that it does not fit in with your renovation project. Should you have to think about the design and colors are best suited.

Shower Shape

Shower shape also became one of the most important when choosing your shower. You should consider carefully and even the right of the space you are going to install the shower. You can set it up in the corner with a shower that is open on both ends and leads on your vanity.


You can use the transparent glass doors to reveal a wall of your bathroom. But you also need to be diligent to clean out your door to keep it clean and shiny look. By using glass doors, your bathroom will look fresher. You can also use a glass that has an exciting decoration so that it doesn’t seem boring.

Alternative other than using clear glass is to use a lens that is opaque. It will give the effect of elegant in every corner of the room. You can also use the door frame for added effect classic. Also, you must adjust the structure with your glass colors to make it look more beautiful. The colors are a favorite at the moment is black, gold and silver.

If you want another design, you can use a shower with no door at all. This will alleviate you while you clean the bathroom. However, using a shower without doors, you will only get the simple design.


You can blend colors on your tiles. You also need to consider the location of your shower head not to look stand out in the room. You can choose the classic or modern model for your shower head. Consider the bathroom fixtures carefully you select when to want to buy it.


Other elements to consider when renovating a shower is the lighting. With the right lighting, you can get the effect of a bathroom that looks more spacious and large. You can use the lights with a unique design to create a very luxurious bath. However, you also need to minimize the use of the lamp because the sun too much can cause a feeling of heat in your bathroom. We recommend that you use the chandeliers placed in the middle of the roof. With it, your bathroom will look more elegant and unique.

Shelves and seating

You can add as a storage rack your toiletries such as towels, SOAP, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. By using a stand, you can also create a different atmosphere. However, the selection of the rack must also be by the conditions of the room your bathroom. If you have a large bathroom, you can add great rack too. However, if you have a minimalist bathroom, we recommend you use a small shelf, or rack that attaches to the wall. You can also use vanity as a storage area for you.

If your spacious shower room, you can add a seat in it. This seating is at your disposal for relaxation while you bathe. You can also enjoy a shower from the shower with a sit back in your shower room. With this, you can feel a shower that makes you relax and comfortable.


Tile is one of the aspects that can make your shower room look beautiful and elegant. By using the right tiles, you can have a comfortable and stylish. Should you must be good at choosing the right colors and patterns for your bathroom tiles.


How to Renovate A Bathroom

how to renovate a bathroom

The renovation is an excellent opportunity to vent all your dreams about bathroom design. However, the reality of renovating the cost required is not a little. Especially when renovating a bathroom because renovating bathroom is awkward because of concerns the installation.

Therefore, before doing the renovation should be calculated precisely, which parts will be modified and any changes. For example, only in some parts of the bathroom, not overall changed. Or, still, use the old stuff repainted. All, of course, should be tailored to the available budget.

Well, here’s a sure-fire tip to renovate the bathroom becomes more beautiful and gorgeous with a budget a little bit:

Using old furniture

You don’t need to replace all the furniture and with a new one. You can use your old furniture painted. With this then you will pull out a bit of money. For that, if it proved they could still handle, we recommend that you retain Your old furniture. You clean it up enough to make it look cleaner.

Add more functional

If you have a little budget for the renovation of your bathroom, you should add more functional furniture only. You don’t need to add much furniture because it will make your bathroom be narrower and looks untidy.

Beautiful decor with little cost

If you want to add the pretty decorations but only have the budget funds a little bit, we recommend you to use ornamental plants relative prices cheaper. You can also add the curtains on your Windows or and can put a doormat with the pretty colors on your floor.

By applying the above tips, you don’t need to spend a considerable cost to renovate your bathroom. We suggest that you should think of mature-mature about budget costs before you renew your bathroom.


Bathroom Remodel Costs

bathroom remodel costs

The budget of the fund is the first thing that should be and think of a time you want to renovate your bathroom. Small bathroom renovation has estimated the average cost $9,000, but all these costs also depend on the value of labor and materials that you will use during the renovation process. There are some things you need to consider about your bathroom renovation:


The layout became the primary influence on the costs when you renovate your bathroom. All expenses incurred are subject to the design you choose. If you want to do a lot of renovation, then the cost you spend too much.

You can choose a simple layout for your home renovation costs. It will simplify your contractor when doing the renovation because it does rearranging your plumbing, electrical wiring, etc. The most significant renovation costs are to pay for labor, it can cost you a lot of press.

Cost of material

The average price spent to buy materials is between $8,000 and $10,000. This amount already includes the purchase new equipment such as a sink, bathtub, toilet, cupboard, and also the new tiles.

If you want special equipment, such as equipment used for the disabled, then you can issue a more significant cost around $2,000 or $3,000.

Labor costs

As I said at the beginning, the most significant damage is the cost of labor. Usually, you’ll be saddled with two times more than the cost of materials you purchase. Then you need to set up enough money to do your bathroom renovation.

Details of the average cost for a small bathroom

For a small bathroom with an area of 100 square feet, labor costs can spend an average of $12,000 or $13,000 at the upper end. This cost includes replacing the tiles with new, replace the cable and also the pipe and re-check the installation after completion. You should not ignore the importance of the installation of wires and pipes; it can save you the cost of repairs in the long run.

The following is an estimate of the cost of remodeling a bathroom:

  • Sink Recently: $100
  • New cabinets: $350
  • New Tubs: $450
  • New Toilet: $175
  • Vanity Cabinet new: $200
  • Plumbing Materials and labor: $3000
  • A wide range of building materials and supplies: $500
  • New Countertop Tile and Mortar: $200
  • Floor Tile: $800
  • A Non-Labor Plumbing: about $9000
  • Total estimated price for remodeling a small bathroom wide: $14,975

There are several reasons why someone wants to renovate the bathroom, among others, the existence of damage or are bored with the old design. But there are things to consider before you renovate your bathroom, including the matter of costs. Often the renovation costs budgeted will swell far from expected. Then how do I so that your bathroom remodeling costs do not swell? Here are some tips for you:

• Specify the concept at this stage you should specify which parts need to be fixed

Whether wall, ceramic, washbasin, bathtub or light and ventilation? Determination of the goals so that you can estimate the number of costs that you will remove. You must also specify the new design you will use. Make sure whether the map will give you satisfaction for you or not. So, you have to think of the concept or the design of your bathroom with the mature.

• Specify the materials to be used

The next consideration of related content. In this case the most important you do not neglect quality. If it is indeed a limitation of funds, you can use the quality goods are, or you can use an old piece of furniture. Do you want to use the old material again or new materials? Each choice certainly has its risks, for example, the use of old materials is apparently more efficient but requires you to disassemble carefully so as not to damage.

• Eliminate one part of the Agenda of the Renovation

Meaning you can eliminate one part-time renovation work so much faster. Inevitably this powerful tip to save on costs. For example, if you use a wall of rock, you don’t need to paint it as it would give the impression of nature in your bathroom.

• Consider ways of payment

In this case, there are two payment systems, namely daily or volume. Each option there are made and shortcomings. When you’ve pocketed mature concept of the bathroom renovation, so it’s kind you choose commercial system. With the system volume you need not fear the builders deliberately stalling time craft because payments are Pakistan. So indeed, countless more efficient and could save the cost of home renovations. However, the drawback with this system tended to work less defined maximum.

Conversely, if you are still puzzled by the concept of the renovation is recommended choose payment system builders on a daily basis. The quality of the work of the artisan with a regular system is better, just not rarely there are deliberately stalling time, so that gets paid more. What is the solution? If you’re not too busy better you actively overseeing the renovation of the House. Later the hoped volume system builders do not work carelessly, and daily system builders will not stall time of work.

• Select the Appropriate Time For home renovation

You’d better make agenda for home improvement should not be done when the rainy season. In addition to making artisan trouble in your bathroom, the results of the work will be undoubtedly insufficient. Especially when installing electrical installation on your roof. So, should you choose the right time to do the renovation?


Renovating Bathroom

renovating bathroom

The bathroom is one room in the House that most need attention may be due to its location is no longer behind the House and be an indicator to measure how slovenly or how clean the house owner. Activity in there affecting the Affairs of wet also make it need to do the treatment carefully. Therefore, it could be interchangeably already facing multiple times while the room or other parts of the House still survive as at the time the House was built first. Then, what other reasons that make people feel the need to beautify the area or considering it?

The bathroom is one room in the House that we often use. For this reason, the bathroom should be made as comfortable as possible, without forgetting aspects of clean. Well, here are four reasons why we should urgently renovate your bathroom.

The furniture is already not working

This is the main reason why we need to renovate the bathroom. For example, the wood rotted sills began because often is covered in water, closet dull and buoy damaged, damaged walls, paint the bathroom floor wet start, and so on.

Old model

For this reason, it is usually influenced by the needs and wants of us. Moreover, the bathroom is now not only as a place to clean themselves but even became a point of interest in the House.

Boring atmosphere

Because of its function as the place where the activity is no longer clean themselves but also as a place to relax, the bathroom should be created as exciting and as comfortable as possible.

Also, to be able to enjoy certain sensations while showering, of course, we will also feel the personal satisfaction. A new or different can be obtained from the change of accessories, lighting, as well as ornaments in the bathroom.

The size of the less fit

There is a bathroom that feels too narrow so that it should be expanded. Some are more pleased with a shower that is not too broad. Whatever that is, adjust the size of the bathroom according to the tastes and needs of each course.


How to Remodel A Shower

how to remodel a shower

Are you bored with this now you wear? You can remodel your shower birthday to recreate the feel of a cozy like the first time. However, there are a few things you need to consider when you rebuild your shower.

1. Steam bath

If you want to add a different sensation in your shower, you can add warm water or steam facilities at your shower. A steam bath is very in like many people nowadays due to the spa and therapy. You can also pamper yourself with a steam bath in your bathroom.

2. Tile

Working on a pipe should be done by people who are already experienced. You can’t do it because of how bathroom tiles need a particular technique in the installation. Installation of tiles on the floor much easier compared to the plant on the walls of your bathroom. Then you should contact a professional to already paired the pipe in your bathroom. The pattern on the wall tiles is more complicated than with a design on the floor.

3. Don’t use frames

You can install a shower without a structure to create a luxurious bathroom. You can also replace it with clear glass. By using transparent glass, you will feel the sensation of bathing like in five-star hotels. This type is a modern concept that you can apply in your bathroom. However, you need to clean it regularly to keep your glass frame still look clean and fresh.

4. Use a good

Replace a shower with new same meaning as you have to start over because of the installation of the pipeline and electricity also indeed will be different. If you encounter any difficulties in this regard should you need to call the interior designer and the creation of modern plumbing to help you?

5. Use an extra shower

You can add the shower head so that the water coming out can be. It became a popular trend in the bathroom at the moment. By adding shower head, you can use it simultaneously with your family members. The addition of the shower head will also add powerful shower head water coming out of the shower.


Affordable Bathroom Remodel

affordable bathroom remodel

If you have a limited budget, the minimalist concept will significantly support the creation of bathroom design cheap and straightforward because it does not require a lot of lands. With limited area, you can get a simple but still look elegant. In addition to the modest and straightforward in terms of interior, this concept will also be very suitable if you want to combine with modern style. The size is not too large, but it is used the optimum can be an attraction for the model bathroom design cheap and straightforward. Well, this time it will be discussed more bathroom design tips are the cheap and straightforward foam that you try.

 Specify the size of the Bathroom

Before you start to build your bathroom design cheap and straightforward, you should first determine in advance the size of the bathroom that you will create. Actually, there is no size relative to a simple bathroom. Of course, the size adapts to whatever you want to insert into your bathroom. But for the size of the bathroom design cheap and straightforward, usually, the size of 2 × 2 meters is the most commonly used. However, it can be adjusted again with the size of the farm and your needs.

 Designing Budget Funds

After you determine the size of the bathroom that you will create, you should take into account the budgetary funds carefully you will remove from the construction of toilet. This is important so that the development process when you shower, you do not charge a fee beyond the development. The draft budget also serves as guidelines for development so that later do not deviate from previous plans.

 Material selection

Materials the materials used in the construction in the bathroom became one of the noncritical element, let alone most of the construction costs came from the purchase of this material. Due to the nature of the bathrooms are always wet, then you should take into account with mature regarding material selection.

Don’t pick the material from its shape but choosing the appropriate materials for use in the bathroom. Do not to save money, you select the vain who later will only be issued additional charges if damaged. To get a low price, you could survey in advance from one store to another store to get prices, yet quality remains the best.

 the selection of Wall Paint

Because of his minimalist concept, then paint the walls which are suitable to be applied in your bathroom is with bright colors. So, if there is dirt or residual SOAP stuck to the wall, will be readily visible and you can clean it. The bathroom is usually synonymous with white color, but you can also use the color light colors such as green is smooth, light blue, and much more. Bright colored paint will make the look of the bathroom more roomy and clean.

 Bath or Shower

Inside the bathroom, of course, you need a shower or bathtub bathroom in it. But if the concept of minimalist critical limits stretcher, you would be better off if you use the shower only. In addition to his fee is cheaper, the use of the rain will also maximize the room so much more impressed. Also, the use of the shower will also make the look of the bathroom more elegant.

 The selection of closet

Of course, in a bathroom, WC presence became important enough and did not No. There are two types of the closet you can use, i.e., squat toilet and WC seat. If you want comfort in a bathroom, you can choose to use the lavatory seat. But if you have a limited budget, you can select the WC squats because the price is lower.

 Lighting

Although the bathroom design you have simple and cheap but don’t forget the look of the bathroom design cheap and straightforward to keep it interesting and comfortable. Not necessarily in a way that’s difficult, merely adjust the lighting in the bathroom can make the bathroom look more elegant. You can use the semi-transparent roof to make Sun more freely entered the bathroom. But if you want a cheaper cost, you could put vents in your bathroom.

If You are need more information about how to add a bathroom to a basement please click here

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