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How To Remove A Bathroom Vanity

how to remove a bathroom vanity

Is your vanity that seems outdated in your bathroom? Well, change the style of bathroom vanity cabinets can change the look of your bathroom. Vanity with granite counter tops and a contemporary or traditional design that are beautiful and have affordable rates. In this tutorial, I will guide you through the steps in preparation for the installation of a new vanity.

Tools and materials needed:

Groove-Joint Pliers


Claw Hammer

Adjustable Crescent Key

Uses knife


Small Pry Bar (may be required)

The Steps:

  • The water supply Shutoff in the Sink

The first step in removing vanity is to find the valve closing the water to Your faucet and turn off hot and cold-water channel flowing into the tap. The valve closing the pool there will be for each channel of hot and cold water.

  • Disconnect the Water Supply Line

Once the water supply is turned off to the hot and cold water, the next step is to decide the path of the water supply.

  • Disconnect the Drain Waste

With the water cut off, the next step decided waste line known as the trap’s “P’s” (because of its shape).

  • Delete the mirror of the walls

I include this step especially if you have a situation where, as in this installation, the mirror is located on top of the dressing table upside down. If these conditions exist, you should remove the mirror.

  • Football Scores and Caulk Joints

In this step, you should decide on the bond between the wall and each joint is asleep that runs along the top of vanity, the spark is back and the Cabinet. What this does is make a clean-cut line that will unleash the vanity and Cabinet (if mounted on the wall) from the wall.

  • Delete Vanity Top

After the bond between the joints fall asleep, and dressers and the top has damaged by printing the bones fall asleep, you can remove the top of the vanity.

  • Remove the Sink Base Cabinet

With the top of vanity, you can easily access the inside of the sink Base cabinet. You need to check the perimeter of the Base cabinet and find out where it’s attached to the wall. You will find a screw or nail.

  • The Complete Omission of Vanity

With the top of rias and the base of the sink is removed, you will have a blank area for the installation of a new vanity. The remaining asleep must withdraw from the wall with a razor knife, and any gypsum damaged repaired with a compound that chipped. Then the area is ready for the new paint and new vanity!


How To Remove A Bathroom Vanity Top

how to remove a bathroom vanity topRemove the top of vanity can be a challenge if the glue is applied to the entire top edge of the base cabinets place a desk stand. No unique tool is available to remove the table, but you can take some steps to help the removal process to be more smoothly and to avoid damage to the base cabinets.

Before removing the top of the vanity, you off the backsplash in advance. Care should also take when removing the backsplash to avoid damage to the drywall. Here are the steps that you can follow:

Step 1

Use Your box knife to cut the caulking between the backsplash and wall. Place the putty knife edge between the backsplash and wall, and then use a hammer to knock a putty knife handle.

It will cut the glue that holds the backsplash to the wall. Continue this process throughout the entire length of the backsplash. Use a flat bar you to carefully pry the backsplash after you cut the glue.

Step 2

Place the putty knife in between the bottom of the table and the upper end of the base cabinets. Use a hammer to knock or hit the putty knife handles. Your goal is to decide the bonds the adhesive without damaging the cabinet base.

Use Your flat-shaft to put out on the table while you’re breaking ties adhesives. Slide the putty knife you under flat-bar while you are prying on the table. It will prevent you from scratching or tearing apart the base cabinets.

Step 3

Use a circular saw to cut off the table. May need to use a saw to cut most of the table. It will give you more room to draw the edges. Adjust Your chainsaw blade into 1/4-inch more profound than the thickness of the table.

Start cutting from the hole in the table place your sink located. Make sure you know where the location of the base cabinets so as not to cut it down with a chainsaw.


How To Remove Bathroom Vanity

how to remove bathroom vanitySome people throw away their bathroom vanity, but not all can do that without tearing up the whole wall. Take off your bathroom cabinets without leaving gaping holes in the walls is possible and I will show you how.

To do this, you must remove all mounting screws and cut a line in the caulking that sticks backsplash (if any). If done correctly, most of the problem should not come from vanity itself but rather from the backsplash.

People put holes in the walls because of 2 reasons; they did not remove all the screws attaching the fixing the vanity to the wall, or they revoke the backsplash. To install the screws, you can disassemble the pride of the wall and insert wood shims. Then, the peak behind the dressing table to see if you can find the remaining screws.

The backsplash held in place with adhesive and contracted calk. You should be very careful while removing these pieces. That you can do is use a crowbar to peel off the wall backsplash. Be cautious so as not too hard, so you break the backsplash. Place a soft cloth on the end of backsplash to prevent chipping the edges.

The key to removing the backsplash without putting a hole in the wall is to use 2 × 4. Place the 2 × 4 lumber between the shy and stem wall. It will distribute the pressure of the surface area to leveraging full so that you’re not empty walls with Your thief. For the stubborn backsplash, I suggest to get the larger pieces of wood; a 2 × 2 × 6 or 8 may work better in this case. This larger Board spread the pressure into a full area and can prevent damage to drywall in your bathroom.

Here are tips to remove vanity top you easily:

  1. Try to reduce the weight of Your vanity with doors, drawers, and accessory items that you may have on the inside. It will facilitate You to lift the pride You when it’s time to pull it out from the wall.
  2. Remove the mounting screws from Your vanity. The screws are usually located in the corners and along the top and bottom of your display. If pride You placed in the corner, there should be screws holding onto the side of the vanity to the wall as well.
  3. Once you are sure that you have let go of any screws that hold the vanity to the wall, lift and pull the vanity away from the wall slowly. You may want additional help for this step. Be careful, take your time, and do it slowly.

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